Boauna was born from the need to feel useful and productive 365 days a year due to the imposition of society. it arises from a time in my life in which i find myself jobless and outside my comfort zone. to avoid the feeling of being unproductive, i start to experiment by creating designs that i never thought could come to light. everything that had been fantasies began to take the form of a personal project, where i exploited my concerns and tried to express them with an artistic discourse.

Boauna has very clear values that it wants to be maintained throughout her career, social inclusion and equality. it does not differentiate between genders, races, nationalities, body shapes, etc. that is why in its presentation it makes use of models of all kinds and the garments created are not directed to a specific gender, although classically they can be classified as a “masculine or feminine” style.


Emna bouaoun is a designer of tunisian and spanish nationality, as the project, since both her personal growth and that of the brand have occurred in both countries.
she began her fashion studies in anna gironella de mundet, barcelona in 2016 and finished them in convergence, tunisia in 2020.
in the last two years of this learning period she began to create boauna.